You cannot reply to threads in this forum. The Status LED is flashing blue indicating that the Ensemble is not locked to the selected clock source. Click here to see the expected routing for each version of X-HD firmware. When mixing, regardless of what speakers you are using, if the converter is masking or having any effect on your audio, you could end up overcompensating with EQ, compression or other effects and failing to address other problematic details. That seems like a lot of things for one bus regardless. A Difference You Will Hear Apogee is an award-winning industry leader in digital recording technology with over 30 years of experience.

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If I remember correctly, Apogee suggests a setting of or higher. Similarly, the DA stage is essential to your perception of the recorded audio tracks. Product Experience I own it I’ve tried it I’ve heard about it.

There are a couple of ways to set them to line level like the rest of the outputs. Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making. Maybe I’ll try the ensemble first. I ran dry, direct-recorded bass tracks back out of my DAW through the front panel and had a blast re-amping them through an assortment of ensembel and flange stompboxes, then back into a “wet” DAW track via Ensemble, all while maintaining a proper impedance match.


Other assignment options for these soft buttons include sum to mono, monitor dim, speaker set selection, etc.

But the won’t let me install ”on a disk that contains a newer version” Do you have any workaround? Download our Android app. I bought it way after all the latest updates, so I assumed it had the most recent updates from the factory, it did not. If you were lucky, you were tracking by the spring thaw.

Apogee Quartet Desktop Studio Interface For Mac

The Status LED is flashing blue indicating that the Ensemble is not locked to the selected clock source. Very fast fixed, I am impressed and happy!

There are currently no reviews for this product, be the first to write one! Theof course.

Is Ensemble compatible with Pro Tools?

I don’t believe it’s a clocking issue either. Thanks Karel Fred Master: Download X-HD updater here. This unique approach to headphone amplification dynamically compensates for the nonlinearities of any connected headphones, providing massive power while maintaining extremely low distortion and linear frequency response.

Your Basket contains the following items: Apogee shipped a DB toops XLR snake with our test unit, but the retail box does not include audio cabling. Those consoles and by Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. I need to deliver a project quickly.


The Status LED should now be solid blue.

But the won’t let me enemble ”on a disk that contains a newer version”. All in all, this is a tremendously flexible box that I wouldn’t hesitate recommending to anyone in the market for a new interface. Check all that stuff. Do you have all the latest firmware updates for the ensemble?

Pops & Clicks w/ Ensemble – Apple Community

You cannot edit your posts in this forum. Click here to see the expected routing for each version of X-HD firmware. In contrast to the ergonomic disaster of many interface panel designs, the controls and lovely bits of feedback via the two OLED displays enhance the Ensemble’s usability. Click here for instructions on how to enaemble Duet.

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