Applications that use ComboPooledDataSource , or that wrap any c3p0-implemented unpooled DataSource can use the simple user property. You can ensure the reliability of your Connections by testing them, rather than by tossing them. Note that you must specify ordinary config params explicitly inside a c3p0 scope one way or another, even in a c3p0. You may also want to set user and password , and, if you use an old-style JDBC driver that you will not externally preload, you should set the driverClass. If you are writing Enterprise Java Beans, you may be tempted to acquire a Connection once and not return it until the bean is about to be destroyed or passivated.

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You can use this parameter to merely workaround unreliable client apps that fail to close Connections. For jvbc variety of reasons, some users may prefer fewer, more global loggers. You can also provide the fully-qualified classname of an implementation of the DefaultConnectionTester. The value of the name attribute is determined by the following property, which may be set as a System property, in c3p0.

C3P0 Connection Pooling Example

Advanced users might use the raw connection operations described above to access this functionality, but jdbf convenience class is available in a separate jar file c3p0-oracle-thin-extras Setting any positive value will cause the getConnection call to time-out and break with an SQLException after the specified number of milliseconds.

But there is c3pk overhead associated with all that Connection testing. This differs from maxIdleTime in that it refers to absolute age. Use BoneCP, very active, excellent tool, good documentation, very fast. Zero means idle connections never expire.


C3P0 Connection Pooling Example

If you set these properties, programmatically as above, or via any of c3p0’s configuration mechanismsc3p0 PooledDataSources will ignore the user and password property associated with the underlying DataSource, and use the specified overrides instead. FallbackMLog Alternatively, the following abbreviations are supported: Use in combination with idleConnectionTestPeriod for c3;o reliable, always asynchronous Connection testing.

Under loads so large that it is impractical to expand numHelperThreads to reduce congestion, forceSynchronousCheckins will cause client Threads to perform the checkin operations, adding to the load of the Thread pool and precluding any delays in termination of checkin due to Thread pool congestion. To define per-user configurations This parameter determines the period. Otherwise, the pool will occasionally kill Connections in active use, which is bad.

It’s usually easy to find configurations that perform well. Choose whatever works best for you.

Click mdbc the property cp3o for a full description. DataSource scheme for acquiring database Connections. After constructing a PooledDataSouce with a named configuration, be sure to update dataSourceName to some new, unique value befoe constructing a second DataSource with the same named configuration.

There’s no need to churn through all your Connections every few seconds or minutes. Both the idle test and the check-in test are performed asynchronously, which can lead to better performance, both perceived and actual.

How to use the C3P0 JDBC connection pool in your Maven Project.

Otherwise setting this to true is just a bad idea. If truec3p0-spawned Threads will have the java. If you want to do something totally different, you can implement your own DefaultConnectionTester.


Under some circumstances, statement pooling can dramatically improve application performance.

If you set this property to a value beginning with ” classloader: Application frequently wish to set up Connections in some standard, reusable way immediately after Connection acquisitions. Significantly, the overhead associated with ResultSet operations where one might iterate through a table with thousands of records appears to be negligibly small.

How to use the C3P0 JDBC connection pool in your Maven Project.

You can also jvbc this property to specify an alternative location in the ClassLoader resource path, e. If you use the DataSources factory class, and you want to programmatically override default configuration parameters, make use of the PoolConfig class:.

This fact is a natural consequence of the definition of the DataSource spec which allows Connections to be acquired with multiple user authenticationsand the requirement that all Connections in a single pool be functionally identical.

Instantiating and Configuring a ComboPooledDataSource Perhaps the most straightforward way to create a c3p0 v3po DataSource is to instantiate an instance of com.

Though maxStatements is the JDBC standard parameter for controlling statement caching, users may find c3p0’s alternative maxStatementsPerConnection more intuitive to use.

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