Bit setting Function 1 0 0 Forced direct transmission function 1 Reserved 2 Reserved 3 Reserved 4 Reserved 5 Reserved 6 Destination at the time broadcast transmission is One destination All destinations interrupted 7 Error report for time of transmission interruption Do not output Set Do not set Output Table [Bit 0] Selects whether or not to set the forced direct transmission function. Place the cartridge in the protective bag or wrap in a thick cloth and keep out of direct light. Load paper into the multi-feeder. Basic operation The basic operations of the copy keys on the operation panel are listed below. One touch dial key. If paper other than the recommended paper is being used, explain to the user that this may cause an inferior image. Sssw Default Setting

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This chapter contains illustrations of the main unit with an automatic document feeder installed. Operation The unit re-charges once again before fixing, in gp10 to increase the transfer toner adhesiveness, which has been weakened by the separation static charge. Should an abnormality occur, the output from the main circuit will switch the relay RL1located on the power supply PCB, to the OFF position, which cuts off the power supply to the fixing heater.

By outputting these test prints, you can conduct a print check with the scanning assembly Operation panel assembly installed. Is the trouble resolved when the 3 speaker is replaced? For example, when a document the length of 2.

Do not store in an automobile for long periods of time. The BAT1 of the main unit cannot be replaced as a single unit. Re-charging printdr Is the re-charging eliminator dirty?


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Bit setting Function 1 0 Startup when there is faulty memory clear report output 1 Reserved 2 Reserved 3 Reserved 4 Reserved 5 Reserved 6 Reserved 7 Reserved Restrict 0 Do not restrict Table [Bit 0] Selects whether or not to go into standby when the memory clear list is not output when the machine is powered on, after an error occurs.

If a dial tone cannot be heard, printr check the line. The structure of each cassette feeder is the same, and each cassette feeder is equipped with a pick-up assembly and a feeder controller PCB, which controls the operation of the pick-up assembly. The status of each sensor will be displayed. If the printer unit is pulled out too quickly, there is a chance that it may fall out, so please be sure to pull it out slowly.

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Clearing setting items and numeric for the parameters will set the items to values set at factory shipping. The supply of electrical power to the motor is controlled inside the scanner driver PCB. YES Replace the paper. Set the appropriate pick-up level. YES Advise the user to use the proper amount of paper.

The fan motor Hall element has a built-in 2 phase 4 pole DC brushless motor, and is integrated with the motor drive circuit. Furthermore the output voltage from the DC bias generation circuit undergoes constant voltage control by being returned to the comparison circuit. These regulation apply to all laser products manufactured after August 1st This is to protect the DC power supply circuit from damage which may occur from problems such as a short in the electrical load, which can cause an overcurrent or overvoltage.


Accordingly, when the jumper plug JP3 is to be removed, make sure the control data have been printed out. Normal Abnormal Main motor M Figure 5. Use the shift keys to move the cursor to enter the desired numbers. Paper Feeding Operation When the photo mode is selected, smoothing processing takes place.

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Paper leading edge sensor delay jam for cassette pick-up If paper has not arrived at the leading edge sensor PS approx. YES Explain to the user that each cassette can hold a maximum of sheets of paper. Standard paper size classification SW No.

If paper is fed which is different in width from the paper size set by the cassette paper size lever, the feeding operation will stop. NO Explain to the customer that the trouble is not caused by the machine.

The structure of the manual is as described below. Reading condition settings SW No.

Half tone density processing

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