Once the scan is completed, ICA compresses the scanned image and sends it to the host server; thus, the only content that travels over the network is a compressed image. If both occur at the same time, the bandwidth consumption is doubled. Users expect app and desktop delivery solutions to have near real-time audio and multimedia characteristics — similar to those they receive from local app and desktop implementations. Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, break-fix requests, and other product issues. It enables enterprise developers to update Windows applications just once for mobile devices using familiar Windows programming languages. Locally-defined printers on endpoint clients are redirected into sessions as required. Change group policy setting from Not Configured to Enabled , and click Apply.

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It enables enterprise developers to update Windows applications just once for mobile devices using familiar Windows programming languages.

Background This policy allows for the configuration of client audio within an ICA session. Rendering can occur on either the cifrix device or hosting server Client redirection leverages processing power on endpoints, if available, to free up the server to handle other processes or more users Device redirection intercepts peripherals such as webcams, printers, scanners, digital pens, and 3D mice at a local level to allow users to interact with these devices in sessions.

Flash redirection and Windows Media redirection offload the playback rendering of rich content to compatible client devices, using server-rendered multimedia only as a fallback option. With the Universal Print Server, the citric engine is moved to a Windows print server which prevents the need to install device-specific drivers in the server or desktop image.

This compression results in a significant decrease in the quality of the sound but allows reasonable performance for a low-bandwidth connection.

Citrix Audio Driver not Displayed under Audio Tab in ICA Session

For example, if 25 users record at Medium on one server, the bandwidth used in the connections to that server is over 52, bytes per second. HDX technologies are the foundation of the Citrix apps cigrix desktop delivery platform, which provides a superior audlo app and desktop solution accessible from any device, over any network and gives end users an application and desktop experience that rivals that of a local PC—even when people are using multimedia, real-time collaboration, USB peripherals and 3D graphics apps over low-bandwidth, high-latency networks.


Medium – optimized for speech for most LAN-based connections. This capability also leverages the Citrix Insight Services platform cis.

Built on top of the Independent Computing Architecture ICA remoting protocol, which is renowned for best-of-breed networking and representing more than 20 years of innovation, HDX is proven in large enterprise environments and accessed by millions of users globally. Many touch features are available natively in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and do not require any application source code changes to activate.

Find WowNode in the registry key and set the wave and mixer values to use icammdrv.

HDX Technologies Optimize User Experience – Citrix

HDX includes a native interface control channel allowing Windows apps to be re-factored for a touch experience while leveraging device features such as multi- touch gestures, native menu controls, camera and GPS device functions. The parameters can be tuned all the way up to lossless compression that enables delivery of pixel-perfect images for applications such as medical imaging. Refer to the Disclaimer at the end of this article before using Registry Editor.

Citrix is not responsible for inconsistencies, errors, or damage incurred as a result of the use of automatically-translated articles.

By default Audio Redirection is enabled with high quality audio or previously configured custom audio settings. USB redirection to cloud makes these peripherals available within sessions hosted hundreds of miles away from the point of use.

Transmitting this amount of data can result in increased CPU utilization and network congestion.

HDX RealTime Media Engine for Microsoft Skype® for Business

Capabilities Use Cases Go beyond virtual desktop infrastructure VDI Deliver a high definition user experience on any device Simplify your migration to Windows 10 Reduce costs and increase efficiency on Microsoft Azure Virtualize Skype for Business Accelerate workspace mobility with application layering Deliver secure Linux virtual desktops and apps Centrally deliver graphics-intensive 3D apps Protect your network from browser-based attacks by isolating web browsing activities Compare Deployment Case Studies Resource Library Support more.


Be sure to back up the registry before you edit it. Open a Case Online. Set the Policy to LowMedium, or High the definitions are explained in the following section.

Improved overall diagnostics with new telemetry functionality is available to assist with environment health and troubleshooting. Support for digital pens, electronic signature pads, and drawing tablets in cloud-hosted apps is an important requirement in retail, finance, design, CAD and other such markets. Automatic translation This article was translated by an automatic translation system and was not reviewed by people.

De-duplication of network traffic reduces the aggregate data sent between client and server by taking advantage of repeated patterns in commonly accessed data such as bitmap graphics, documents, print jobs and streamed media. HDX traffic prioritization capabilities include:.

To control sound quality, choose one of the following options: Citrix supports both local and network printer types.

How to Enable and Manage Client Audio Settings for the Citrix Receiver using a Group Policy

Automatic display of the keyboard when a text field has focus Larger picker control to replace Windows combo box control Multi-touch gestures such as pinch and zoom Inertia-sensed scrolling Touchpad or direct cursor navigation Additional capabilities can be implemented using the HDX Windows Mobile Application SDK. The latest Universal Print Server also provides improved scalability, greater Adio and performance monitoring.

Article Connectivity, Performance 0 found this helpful Created: Ensuring the highest quality of service and reliability HDX technologies ensure the highest quality of service and reliability through a combination of ICA traffic prioritization, branch office caching and ICA protocol optimizations. De-duplication of network traffic.

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