Imports of man- ufactured goods rose 7. The Palestinian self-rule agreement, however, remains a difficult obstacle. The Eurosceptics are trying to force him out, in the hope they can capture one of the high offices of state in recognition of what they see as their dominant position in the parliamentary party. Several football clubs have their own cards. As the commissioning of the book shows, banks are far more open these days.

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For the rest, exchange netwogks instability is something that people just have to live with, like the weather. The day after the shares began trading the electricity industry regula- tor announced he was consid- ering imposing tighter price controls. No US administration since the Troubles began in has dared to go so Ear.

Earnings per share were 6. On the Loudon Metal Exchange al uminium was the star turn starting the week with a sharp fall – the price dropped by 4 per cent in a few hours on Monday after an offi- cial revealed that Russian smelters were stepping up out- put.

But then trading activity fell away, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, a key market, and only recovered slightly in the past few months. He has said he will publish revised pro- posals by the end of June. Perhaps the most unusual example is the Afro-Brazilian drum and dance group Olodum. Imposing the burden of stabilisa- tion on the US alone would be both unreasonable and unwise. Co-ordinated action Unfortunately for those who j believe stabilisation to be desir- able, effective co-ordinated action – as opposed to jawboning, com- j bined with leaning against the I market winds – is still less plausi- i bie than decisive action by a sin- gle country.


It features the latest G. The three main par- ticipants must first agree that currency stabilisation is desirable; they must agree that the required policy actions are sensible; and, last but not least, they must view those agreed actions as domesti- cally feasible. China gives approval to SB hepatitis vaccine SmithKline Beecham, the pharmaceuticals and health- care company, has gained reg- istration in China lor Havrix, its Hepatitis A vaccine.

I was a fool to vote for him,” says Mr Nor- berto Zapata, the owner of a delicatessen he opened four years’ ago when the peso was strong and Imported goods were cheap and plentiful. London and Washington divided by common are eager to volunteer the impres- Britain treads delicately amid a row over policy on Ireland, John Kampfher writes It is not often that UK spokesmen are eager to volunteer the impres- sion of a government snubbed by its closest ally.

Focusing on existing Porsche own- ers as the group most likely to buy the new series, It set up an phone line, in addition to other promot- ional activities.

Voltage v please leave a message you need voltage standard after you place order This product has two dimensions such as size chart. David Buchan, Biarritz Rates pressure on Bundesbank The Bundesbank, the German central bank, is likely to come under Further pressure to raise interest rates following the rise in the annual west German inflation rate for the first time since the beg inning of last year.

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Efforts to negotiate an end to the crisis, which has so far cost more than 30, lives, have failed. Forward rates are not dkacoy quoted to Dm mane: CatoPutsThe dollar’s decline is part of a long-term trend that dates to the Plaza agreement of September But we will do what ever is required.


Their first weapon of netwkrks is psychological So disgusted are they, and so ashamed of the horror perpetrated by their countrymen, that they seem to treat the “violence” as if it were an alien force which has taken on a life of Its own and has no links placidlu their society, or to their history.

Shares in New York The secret. These measures have been taken merely to please foreign creditors,” he said.

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The hours upon hoars Prom Mr Stephen Crehtm. Forte, for example, wanted to develop a reserva- tion system that exploited the feet that the group has more than hotels in the UK. Consumers liked the ring of the new number so much that the company succeeded in con- tacting more than 4, out of 11, possible series own- ers.

Whether or not currency insta- bility is indeed undesirable, noth- ing effective will be done about it The most one can hope for is for each of the big three to stabilise domestic inflation at low levels and keep fiscal deficits both small and stable. The US Federal Reserve has no tradition of raising interest rates to help the dollar.

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The discount had shrunk to 2. The D-Mark rate was marked down without there being much trade. New construc- tion orders January. Today, Company operations are managed by a young team, which has averaged over a decade in Dax, and which is now joyously propagating this culture.

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