Do we need to do something different for this interface? I never found one on the web. So what does this mean? HP Virtual Connect 4. Anyway, I am sticking around and placing suggestions on how a VC should be designed and implemented.

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Posted by Kenneth van Ditmarsch on November 26, https: I checked the lan cable and switch all light up normally, also checked in iLO and no etherneg.

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Using Multiple VLANs with HP Virtual Connect Flex-10

Jim wants to know about direct connect option with VC: When olm start assigning network connections in a Server Profile in Virtual Connect Manager, these network connections will bounce back and forth between the LOMs assuming there are no other network interface cards in the server blade: But it also presents some other interesting design considerations.

Email required Address never made public. You cannot bounce that network out another uplink to the rest of the network.


Can you suggest me the steps? This screenshot shows how the VLANs are mapped for each of those eight network connections: Virtual Connect VC v4. Original, technical content centered around cloud computing, Kubernetes, Linux, and networking.

The plan is remove one enclosure at the time, until only the ethernte enclosure is left. You would have to go into VC and manually reconfigure the FlexNic bandwidth.

He has vswitch0 on the LOM ethsrnet he wants a lon vswitch0 on a mez card say on the flex10 module in slot 4. Consider the configuration shown in this figure, in which multiple VLANs are mapped to all eight connections in Virtual Connect Manager: My overview displays these mappings as well. Now I know why! Let me know if this was useful to you!

The module received ip the address on dhcp. Subscribe to comments feed.

Server blade information tab | HP BladeSystem

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Move VC master role? So be sure these are heartbeat or vMotion or other networks not requiring routing. Traditional way would be to put a flex-nic in mezz 1 and carve out a flexible hba.


The Day 3 Buzz. Please leave comments or thoughts! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Maximum is the maximum rate for a FlexNic to transmit which is how things were configured before and is available when all other FlexNics are idle. You are commenting using your Twitter account. flenic

HP Virtual Connect Update: Min/Max Bandwidth Optimisation –

In the Virtual Connect Manager, though, you have the ability to fine-tune the amount of bandwidth allocated to each of these FlexNICs, up to the shared maximum of 10Gbps. I started a new position a couple of weeks ago. Please, share your thoughts.

This site uses cookies. I tried to ping to it’s ip and was unreachable.

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