It’s still significantly thicker than a plain ball-point pen because it contains IR and ultrasonic components needed to communicate its precise movements to the receiver. What is the resolution of Inkling sketches? Write a review ztztzywaurawzdeyqyruefztdzdcwsytvucrv. I was about to go to wacom’s site and download the current software driver without a problem. If your Inkling is still not performing with the specifications, please contact Wacom service center in your area. Rated 3 out of 5 by dikka from Having minor issues, but cool I have used it twice so far. If your Inkling is not performing to this specification, please check the Tips section for tips to get the best results.

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Paper orientation and receiver position Choose Mapping from within the Tools menu to select your receiver position and paper orientation. Inkling is incredibly useful and better than Inkoing thought it would be.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Don’t make excuses I use the Wacom to do wacmo of details for my cabinetshop. Should a provision be invalid, the legally permissible regulation most closely resembling the invalid regulation shall apply in its place.

The receiver is small, light and easy to forget about when it’s attached to the top, bottom, side or corner of your notebook — you can clip it wherever it feels most out of the way, so long as it has line-of-sight to the pen at all times. Inkling works best for sketches that are used at the beginning of the creative process, such as rough concept illustrations and storyboards. I would prefer a pencil over a pen for drawing and that is the only issure I have with this item.


For the price it is amazing.

The provisions of the product liability law Produkthaftungsgesetz remain unaffected. The customer may not license the software to a third party, lease, lend or in any other way provide access to the software. Sketching surface Inkling performs best when sketching on a flat, rigid surface such as a desk, table or sketchbook.

Direct sunlight on the receiver interferes with the IR signal. Inkling uses standard mini ballpoint 1.

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What types of sketches work best with Inkling? I was about to go to wacom’s site and download the current software driver without a problem. Liability when such an essential contractual obligation is breached is, however, limited to damages typical to this type of contract, which Wacom must have determined at the conclusion of the contract based on the known risks and circumstances at that time.

In order to be able to take part in the sweepstake, all questions have to be answered completely and truly. Claims for reduced profits or expenses saved, indemnity claims from third parties or claims for any other direct or consequential damages still cannot be asserted in this case. This one is nice because you can take it anywhere and upload sketches later. The receiver can be clipped to the edge of standard paper or sketchbooks and the position can be adjusted for left- or right-handed users to provide the receiver with an uninterrupted line of sight with the pen tip.


For best results, insert more than one piece of paper into the receiver clip to prevent accidental movement of the receiver. Their was very little included as far as instructions go, but it is easy enough to figure out.

Frequently Asked Questions

So I may end up buying a tablet and using both. What kind of ink refills does Inkling use?

While sketching, press the New Layer button on top of the receiver to create a new layer. The pen and receiver can be charged simultaneously by inserting them in their respective positions in the charging case, then connecting the case to a computer via USB.

Wacom Inkling digital sketch pen hands-on (video)

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From around the web. Sorry, our site is only available from a waacom which accept Javascript. I’m using it with Solidworks. Can I sketch in pencil with Inkling? Use of this software includes the creation of permanent or temporary copies of the software by means of loading, displaying, exporting, transferring or iniling, for the purposes of exporting the commands and the data they contain or for observing, researching or testing the software functions.

What are the factors that affect the accuracy? After the detail is completed I load the drawing to my computer and clean it up.

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