Does the original work ok? Not sure why it appears as a zip. It’s worth a thousand words. Hey, I’m missing the following files: The translations are there but after selecting the edit menu it’s taking another 10 minutes to load up the edit screen. I would like to have english commentary tho. I’ve followed the instructions on making a ISO image, however when i select the folder to save the iso into, and then dress the DVD to Hard drive image, it does save the DVD, but as a zipfile And when i’ve unzipped it, their is no iso file.

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Pete’s PS2 CDVD plugins

Any help would be greatly appreciated. As it is, that is the only option i’ve there. V5 with ppf-o-matic into this.

I have one problem I was hoping you could help me with. You need to patch a clean iso from the original disk. Obviously i’ll not have 36 GB space free for the game.

Was just wondering if you knew, if i was doing anything wrong, or is their a setting on my jso decrptor wrong?

I have a real problem trying to get the patch to work and would appreciate some help Linuzappx i put the disc in the swap magic it says it is not a play station 2 disc. Yea thats what it said. The version of PCSX2 you are using and where you downloaded it.


Sorry, I thought that wasn’t related to warez. Like it says in the guide.

I checked the file before and after patching, the sizes are exactly all the cddv in every file. I just want to know how i can play a patch on my ps2. Also when I put the clean ISO on my hard disk it shows up as a rar file could this be the problem, and if so what should I do?

You can’t post answers that contain an email address.

If thats the case, the only problem now is that my driver cannot read the disc. Thanks for your help.

Problem with the CDVD-Plugin: Linuzappz ISO CDVD Driver 0.5.0

The problem is that your game is already patched “giga mix ver 9. Ok I tried defraging and I still got the “Cycle redundancy error”: But you could use your existing image as a starting point to import other patched updated individually but it’s difficult to say whether it would be successful.

Hi Guys, I’m having a little trouble with this and just want to make sure I’m not the one screwing up – can somebody post the exact size the ISO should be after you’ve ripped from your import disk ie before patching? Well, what files does it create with your disk? I think your right.


I’ve tried patching the zip file and it says it was successful, however when i come to load it, it just goes to a blank screen. Why can’t you just rip it from the disk? I patched fdvd game and it works wonders i think, i didnt play it without the patch so idk the diff.

When you’re done you burn the patched.

Guide to Patching WE10 (PS2 DVD) [Archive] – PESGaming Forums

In order to be able to use the emu, you need the PS2 bios. The game works perfectly Try changing the highlighted drive to a DVD drive and it should work. I want to apply the modified. I’ve seen different posts about this topic, but for my situation I did not found a clear answer yet!. It still hasn’t loaded as I write this. Which patch did you apply?

To do this you copy all of the information from the disk onto your PC. Is there a place to download it?

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