National Federation of the Blind, Contact: The National Federation of the Blind offers 30 collegiate scholarships at the national level every year, and many more throughout all of our state affiliates. Thousands of blind people travel and commute every day. African-Americans living free in Baltimore before the Civil War were constantly testing whether the law and courts saw them as citizens, with rights to be respected. GreenDrop is proud to support the National Federation of the Blind. A city task force is proposing an overhaul in how Baltimore handles citizen complaints of misconduct by police officers.

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Every day we raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future.

It was years ago that the Maryland General Assembly issued Baltimore a town charter — actually, rcicobono out on July 30, … but Charm City is celebrating tonight with a party put on by Live Baltimore. He also visited the offices of Mobileye, a maker of self-driving car technologies, set up by OrCam founders Prof.

Autonomous vehicles are going to transform how transportation happens for everybody, he said.

National Federation of the Blind Elects Mark Riccobono President

The convention that I attended fueled my interest in working on behalf of the NFB and blind people across the country. Riccobono succeeds longtime President Marc Maurer, who announced last fall that he would not be seeking the office of President again. After I got started doing advocacy work there, I was ultimately hired to run an agency for blind children in the State of Wisconsin. Because our presidents are elected, they have a lot of accountability and responsibility in terms of representing the hopes and dreams of blind people across the country, which makes our organization entirely unique.


We asked nearly two dozen denizens — From Mayor Catherine Pugh First elected to the presidency inDr.

The organization is known for advocacy and lobbying efforts and is an important political voice on issues pertaining to accessibility. Calvert never visited his colony. With the election of Mr.

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They must then incorporate this input riccobpno their development. People can get involved in our local chapters and they can get involved in our advocacy efforts, or they can get involved with helping to find more blind people in the community. A great place to start would be to marm up for our e-newsletter and start blinr get to know our organization and educating themselves on the truth about blindness.

You can combat this myth by following this rule of thumb for interacting with a blind person: I went on to attend the University of Wisconsin and earned a business degree.

As a result of my background, I spend a lot of time as president of the National Federation of the Blind working to make sure that blind people — blind children in particular — have better access to Braille today than I had. On the other hand though, it is also a myth that blind people have sharper hearing and other senses.

US lobby urges Mobileye ‘to champion’ message of the blind in self-driving cars

They simply need to show us that they are in school at the time of the scholarship, and then they are free to use it in a way they most need it, whether it be for books, a Braille embosser, or any other piece of technology. As such, I am the chief executive of the organization serving a two-year term, before being up for re-election.


Riccobono said in part: Would the rlccobono endorse the product? The concept is very simple — get together with your family, friends, and your community and give back in any way you can in celebration of generosity.

She’s a winner of the Holman Prize for Blind Ambition.

Mark A. Riccobono | HuffPost

Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram. Innovators globally should make sure the devices and products they develop are tuned to the needs of blind people and those with other challenges right from the outset, the president of the National Mxrk of the Blind NFB in the US said an interview.

A city task force is proposing an overhaul in how Baltimore handles citizen complaints of misconduct by police officers. The first and most persistent obstacle that blind people face is the low expectations that the average person might have about blindness.

Blind people well, it comes back to our tag line: Getting involved in the grassroots of our organization is a great way of finding out how you can help. Chris Danielson,x, cdanielsen nfb. But they can face challenges, barriers–even discrimination–along the way. Share this News Story:

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