I would suggest keeping the Marvell ports for ruinning optical drives etc and use the Southbridge ports for the boot drive and other hard drives. Recently installed the m4 on gigabyte x58a-ud3r motherboard. You are a long way from home though. The time now is Review is here for anyone interested. He did not see much improvement after updating the firmware for the controller. Hi and welcome to the forum.

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motherboard – Why is Marvell SATA 3 storage interface not recommended for SSD? – Super User

If I wanted to be a tester for WD I would have applied for the job! September 06, Just Uploaded New Battlefield 4 Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to set Force after each BIOS update to update the included Marvell firmware from within each BIOS, you’ll see it updating on the top of the screen on the sataa reboot after you set that to Force.

I guess i feel a bit upset sat spending so much money on a ssd only to find out I can’t run it at the speeds that were advertised. It benches pretty well – better than the Intel 6 series from what I’ve seen! What brings you asta this side of the pond? The intel ports are far better, higher 4K speed which are what matters, and way more stable for your OS drive.


Plus the Marvell marvel driver is poor, but fortunately you can use msahci with it, which actually improves it’s stability and performance. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Sign up using Email and Password. F5BJR on September 02, I have selected force and updated the firmware as suggested. I don’t expect to have to supply all the test data for them to then tell me the answer. Thanks for clearing that up for me Pierre, I had a feeling this was the case. Explains why a minority people seem to have it performing OK then.

They sent me the following e-mail: Those ports are not suggested for OS SSD’s, you will only get faster sequential read speeds, that is it. Benchmark results from someone with this motherboard who has updated only the Marvell firmware with the latest version 2. That is the reality of the 91xx series. Dark Mantis on September 06, You are not the first X58 board user that has discovered this issue, welcome to the club.

The not has been out a while and uses 2 lanes.


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I’ve been waiting a year for someone to put it in card form! Dark Mantis on August 21, They also have a that whilst single lane, appears to have better 4k performance than the x so would at least be good for a C February 29, Recently installed the m4 on gigabyte x58a-ud3r motherboard.

Yes I totally understand your frustration with the answers received from this company. As you know I also tried to get a definitive answer from Western Digital regarding this problem and met with much the same response after the usual inane questions like can I supply the serial numbers so they can look into the problem.

I want the best overall performance i can get. Don’t forget it’s not the SSDs fault, it’s the mother board and possibly ourselves for not checking it closely. Any update forthcoming on this issue? And that review actually has Vs. Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd.

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